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14 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
I'm a widower father living and working overseas for nearly 20 years. I allowed my children 11 and 15 years to live with my parents and go to school for the last 3 years to study English. Been in regular contact with children and involved with their life and schooling and they have always been cooperative and good kids. Been trying to have talks about the children returning back overseas and live with me, where children were born and raised prior to going to Australia. This hasn't been very successful.

Children want to stay in Australia and haven't been cooperating with me recently since talking about them coming back at the end of last year for the start of the school year overseas this year. There is some degree of Parental Alienation at play.

Earlier this year tried to pick up children and take them back, but was prevented access to them after a couple of days. Grandparents hid passports which lawyers and Australian Passport Office have said is illegal and I could involve the police. I have warned grandparents about this. Lawyers have said grandparents cannot have the children legally. There are no Parenting Orders in place.

I wondering if I should attempt to pick up my children again soon to take them overseas rather than start costly mediation and legal proceedings which will be very time consuming and expensive, dragging on for a long time and could go either way if children continue to be resistant about going. Some lawyers and other professionals have said why don't you just pick them up.