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Hi I am a 31 year old male and my grandfather passed 6 months ago. I was living with him on and off since 15 (maybe 10 years) and he has helped me financially, giving my brother and I around $18,000. He owned a house at death and one unit. Over the years he has asked my parents hundreds of times, usually after arguments regarding his will about leaving my brother or I in it and I was always to scared to talk to my dad and aunt in fear of their temper. He wanted my brother and I who are both unemployed and suffering from mental illness to live in his unit but none of this was documented in his will. We are seeing family therapist at the moment. My brother has a bad relationship with my parents since he was 12 and hasn't talked to them for 4 years and spent all his $30,000 savings in 2 years renting in a bungalow in Kings Park. I gave him $9000 many years ago due a gambling addiction and I assume he has spent it.

Secondly, my grandmother on my mother's side passed away 2 years ago in a nursing home. She had a bad relationship with my mother (always fighting) but got along with my brother and I. My brother would visit her daily while she was dying and would visit her a lot more than anybody else. and my mother saw her once per week at most. My brother was living in her house while she was at a nursing home and paying towards her nursing home fees with rent ($180 week). My brother has schizophrenia and major depressive disorder and was evicted from the house by a lawyer a month after my grandma past away. My mom has spent most of her inheritance, sold the house and owns a house.

Is there any rights to my brother or I to either estate? (I am guessing there isn't as it wasn't never documented).

Is there anything legal I can do about the money I gave my brother? (because of his mental illness he is not willing to cooperate).