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If you have read my posts i have an elderly dad who is in a nursing home and prior to a stroke leaving him blind loss of one leg and short term memory in pieces, clarity from time to time ,well hes starting to eat extremely well and seems more and more lucid which is great, my previous posts are of dad and a lady friend of 51 and dad 75 which dad met at water aerobics "she the instructor" and dad was interested in her and offered to take her overseas etc , and when dad was interested in a lady he would go over the top to get her.
She responded with that shes married and cant leave her husband so dad was obsessed with trying to get her to leave, she said but what if something happened to you i would be destitute etc etc and it seems a will was created leaving her everything but a bit to me .
This was found by me as she and i were checking for outstanding bills etc ,from that point i distrusted her and for good reason we then fought in the guardian ship tribunal over care for dad which i won over her. etc etc and still living with her husband saying its your fathers wishes which he denies but still says he loves her but she never says it back , so the new piece to the puzzle is hoping that we can revoke the old will and re write a new one hoping he has the capacity now to do it and well see if she hangs around then.
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