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Hi everyone.

Anyone who could shed some light onto this subject, I would greatly appreciate.

I am an Australian and my girlfriend is here with me in Australia on a fiance Visa for 9 months. She is Filipina.

We are getting married on the 4th Feb 2013 (might be able to change this if necessary) and her Visa expires on the 4th March 2012 (Exactly one month later).

Of course we wish to live here in Australia, so my question is about applying for a Spousal Visa.

1) Does she need to leave the country to get the spousal Visa? Or can she remain in Australia while we make the application, going from the Fiancee Visa to the Spousal.

2) If we she can remain in Australia while making the transition between Fiance and Spousal Visa, is one month between the wedding and when her current fiance visa expires long enough?

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards