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Hi, we signed a contract to buy a jeep for 22,900 from q car dealer, subject to finance. We said we wanted 7% at 7 years with RAC. They said "we will smash that and do you a quote ". We signed to them getting us a number. 24 hours trying to contact them.. finally got a hold, they said to come in. We did. They said we can offer 7.8% 4 years. I said no we cant afford that we will have to see with RAC. I spoke with RAC and said we cant afford the car and they declined us based on my statements. We said we dont want the car sorry we got declined and just cant afford payments at a 4 year contract, plus we wanted 7%. They had given us the car overnight to try out and think on it and said we need to know by tomorow morning. So we said no sorry and returned car within the hour. Guy said jeep contract is finished now, we can try look for something cheaper for you, and i said yeh sure but confirming jeep contract is void do you want me to sign something and can i have my $500 deposit back. They said yes we will transfer back to you, give us the bank details so i wrote them down. Left thinking contract finished. 5 hours later they call my husband saying we owe another 500 on the car and theyre not breaking the contract. We said well it was subject to finance and he said but we got you finance and i said we only said you could give us a figure we never wanted 4 year contract at more than the 7%. Upon closer inspection of the contract, they have also only wrote 16 letter on the VIN, it is short a letter and not correct. Also never made us sign or witness the "purchaser recieved a copy" part. Will all of this hold up as a defense if they take us to court? Thanks, we are so stressed.