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Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders

Me and my wife came Australia for 3 years back under (Temp VISA) Student Visa.

My wife was dependent while I am the one who studying

After we came here because of some very personal matters in our family life, my wife went back to Sri Lanka 15 months ago . She never wanted to come back here and save our marriage life. So we have been separated for last 15 months.

I want to get divorce from her now. Can I do this using Australia(VIC) Low with out staring divorce process in Sri Lanka. It is so time consuming process in SL and I have to finished my rest of studies here and do not want waste my time any more.

I want to find out weather it is possible get divorce under the low in Victoria while I am still on Temp VISA(Student) .

What's the best way to do this?

Any advises on this really appreciated

Thank you
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