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Hi All,
A friend of mine was born in Malaysia but has lived in Australia most of her life. She is able to vote (as she was fined for not voting which we assume means she is eligible to vote) yet she is not able to get her drivers licence. She has a certified and stamped copy of her birth certificate but the department wont accept it - they say it needs to be the original.

The problem is her mum has thr original, she lives interstate, and wont relinquish it.

So my friend is just wondering about her options. Her mum is just being difficult and we cant ascertain why she wont let her have it. She is also confused why she was fined for not voting but she is not allowed to go for her drivers licence.

I think she should just see if she can get a copy of her original bc from Malaysia but we dont know the best way to do this. Can we get help through our own govt or do we have to go straight through malaysian govt?

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