by Dominic   19/10/2021  0 Page Views
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My disabled adult daughter had her accounts frozen without notice. We had been acting informally with her financial administration. I recieved a reasonable amount of cash, as did my wife. We decided to put it all in one account our daughters Net Bank Saver to get the best interest we could, while we decided if we would get a better car or just save it. The bank froze the account saying we need to get an administration order going forward to manage her accounts. Why not just let us know in advance. My wife had hard cancer treatment over 5 years, there has been covid, I got a diagnosis too. So I kicked some stuff down the road a bit. I was amazed the bank would be so unwilling to give out info and how they operate under protocols not specific legislation. AFAIK. I made a complaint and its humiliating to be told you cant have your money. How long are they allowed to freeze the accounts