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I did a horrible thing....

I am at a new-ish job. On the 24th of December I went to the doctor about a suspected UTI and it turns out not only was that the case but i was also pregnant. I'm young and in no position to have a child so I was freaking out. But christmas was coming up and my family is a split one so it's a very stressful time. I went away with my dad and his family for a few days as I haven't spent a christmas with them in about 7 years. I knew I had to work on the 30th but was fine to cut my christmas time short, get home and do that. While i was there, already stressed thinking about how I was going to deal with this pregnancy, I had a miscarriage.

I didn't want to tell my dad especially what was going on so I tried my best to hide it. I sent my boss a message that afternoon and let her know that I couldn't make it in to work the next day, telling her I had food poisoning. I had not taken a sick day as of yet. She told me I had to get a medical certificate, and I said that was fine. I waited to be able to get home, as I didn't want to tell my dad and his family why I would need them to take me to the doctor's. I went as soon as I could get an appointment on the 2nd of next year (the doctor's was closed over the new year).

the doctor said he couldn't backdate the certificate because he hadn't seen me on that day. This was understandable, but it left me in a bad place. I stalled for as long as possible, and saw various other doctor's hoping one of them would give me a certificate. None of them would and I panicked. I fake a doctor's note. I never wanted to do it and in hinsight I can see what I should have done. as soon as I handed it in I wanted to take it back. i tried all day to get my boss alone but I couldn't. She knew it was suspect and as anyone would, showed it to HR.

they called me in to let me know that I would have a formal meeting next week. I told her everything then and there. She told me I didn't have to comment, but the fact is that they were going to find out, and I wanted to be honest. I told her the whole story, why I'd done what I'd done, apologised profusely, and told her I'd wanted to be upfront but hadn't been able to get a meeting with my boss the day I handed it in.

Just to reiterate: I have not claimed sick leave, I did not get paid for this day at all and never attempted to. I have been a good employee up until this point and I work hard. I had a lapse in judgement, I was stressed and scared. I know what I did was stupid and wrong.

I guess I just want to know what's going to happen to me. I have never done anything like this before in my life. Will I get reported to the police? The doctor's cert was a terribly bad one (obviously a good sign my heart wasn't really in it to begin with), it didn't have a doctor's name on it at all, but it did have a forged signature. Does this count as fraud, even though it doesn't specify an individual or an organisation?