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So for many I have been posting on this forum since 2010, my ex-wife left with another guy, she took my son and had me charged with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

I went to court and was found not guilty of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault - proving I wasn't at home on the nights she claimed (any other night and I would have been in strive trying to prove it).

Following that I spent a three year campaign in the Federal Magistrates Court in relation to trying to get some visitation with the son we had together - I wanted visitation and ended up with Sole Parental Responsibility with her having six supervised visitations (supervised by me - yay fun) a year until he turns 12 and then someone to whom I delegate until he turns 18.

I have kept all the paperwork from everything to date in a folder so when he gets older and she starts trying to put the thoughts and lies into his head as she tried to expose in court (which were just laughable) he doesn't hear the 'story from me' he can read through it himself and see it in her own words etc but these are under lock and key at the moment.

And now we get to the next part, she obviously moved on with the guy she left me for - they had two kids (both taken by FACs at birth), I have moved on with my partner and we have two other children together - it is now coming up to six years since we have separated.

I now want a divorce - hell we have been separated longer than we were married - I no longer have access to her as she has cancelled the last five visitations (after me driving 4 hours + to get our son there), her phone is disconnected and I have not known an address for her since we separated - all corro. went through lawyers who weren't acting on her behalf by the end of the Family Court Matters.

So really any advice on how I can go about getting a divorce and have it granted would be greatly appreciated. I have absolutely no way of contacting her, and am worried as this entire time she has done nothing but be a b**ch about it - I have tried to be nice all throughout and do things the right way but everything has just been trouble with her from day one and I am worried that if we somehow get in touch with her what if she doesn't sign them.

It's been six years I want to move on with my life and no longer be connected to her (apart from our beautiful son together).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.