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Question time. I have a mate. 2 kids, 3 and 5. First mention in a month. He had 50/50 shortly after they split, didn't last long. That was over a year ago. He now has 1 night a week, 8am Tuesday till 7pm Wednesday. That is all the ex will give him.
So he is going for 50/50, not expecting to get it, but aim high... He has legal aid. He is legally blind. In reality, his vision is pretty good. He can't drive, but works as an orderly in a hospital, no cane or guide dog... anyways. First mention. What to expect?
The ex's solicitor has written to his solicitor expressing a preparedness offer 4 a fortnight as a final consent order but no mention of school holidays etc...

So first mention? anyone wanna hazard a guess at the outcome of first mention?