by Christopher  06/03/2020  0 Page Views
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My name is Chris and I'm 23.

My parent's are going through a property separation this coming Tusday at the Family Court. Somehow, my mother has added me and my property into their separation- wanting 100% of my house.

Obviously I'm not made out of money bags like most older people who end up going through this kind of thing and upon being to ever law firm in Victoria, nobody wants to help me.

The only advice I got was to go for a summary dismissal as my evidence shows I'm a gifted major and that my mother doesn't have a legal or financial basis to make such a demand in a family court. Better yet, according to legislation, property separations can only occur between spouses, not their children.

My parents gifted me money. I bought a block of land and a house. There is no mortgage, no agreements, loans or contracts. I pay for my bills and rates, furniture, extra electrical work, fence etc. And now my mum wants 100% of my home claiming she never gifted me anything and she has committed fraud by providing signed contracts in her name, whereas I got copies from the archived originals from the housing and land companies that show otherwise, including a letter from my conveyancer back then, outlining how my parents were gifting me funds.

I really don't want to be on the streets because no lawyers can help me. Surely someone out there can assist this is just wrong and unfair.