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My wife and I separated in September, she bought me out of the family home (I received that money) and was supposed to give me 45% of our $30'000 savings as stipulated in the financial matters of our consent orders.She dragged her heels in paying me and then said the money had been used to pay bills, school fees etc Not sure where I stand..

From Consent Orders:

That within 30 days from the date of publication of these Orders: 7. The parties to divide all funds held in ING Bank Account number xxxx, Bankwest Bank Account number xxxx, Bankwest Bank Account Number xxxxx and Bankwest Bank Account Number xxxxxx as to the sum of $19,275 to the Applicant and the sum of $11,915 to the Respondent, such amounts to be amended only if necessary to ensure the parties receive a 55.5/45.5 division of the total net asset pool in the Applicant’s favour.zed!2019-01-10 17:06:48