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Hi all
I am writing regarding a building company that I feel may have acted in an unconscionable manner towards me.
I have unfortunately signed a contract with this business on the promise that I had a ten day cooling off period to change my mind.
After consideration and discussing it with my family, I have changed my mind due to financial reasons as I am a disability pensioner. I did this within 24 hours, in writing.
This company is now threatening me with legal action, even though they have ordered no goods or supplies on my behalf, nor done any work other than a free quote and consult of their product.
They failed to adequately explain to me what the contract entailed, and so I signed in good faith and conscience that this company’s sales people were telling me the truth. It's also written on the contract, that this contract may be subject to a cooling off period.
They asked me for no money or deposit, and said to me to wait for a call from them. (after the cooling off period, or so I presumed)
As I have changed my mind, as I was assured is my right to do so without penalty, and they are now threatening and bullying me, I feel at a loss as what aid to seek.
Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.