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just wondering about the procedure used in my court case? 

I am self represented and the case is before the federal circuit court. I am the respondent.

we had a two day hearing/trial last year and the judge gave directions at the end of the hearing that deferred judgement would be delivered at a later date and that I did not have to attend the judgement if I do wished.

i had a family emergency and had to travel overseas where I was uncontactable for a few weeks. In that time the judges assistant made enquires with my friend to my whereabouts by telephone.  The judge emailed me stating that she was giving the judgement. 

I just now found out that the judge after finding out that I was overseas had a chambers hearing.  

I only just now have seen the judges orders and they state that there was no appearance on behalf of the respondent and she gave full custody of children to my partner and I never get to see my kids. She also gave 100% of property to my ex.

can you explain to me what happened? 

I don’t understand at all.  Seems that the judge seeing I was uncontactable had a new hearing and the first hearing was totally ignored.  I this for real?  Is this really how the federal circuit court operates?  What can I do? Can I appeal the decision?  I did everything throughout the trial to the best of my ability and followed every order.   Seems the judge was a deceptive snake who held a secret new trial to give everything to my ex.  What can I do?  

I am still waiting for the judge to deliver her judgement on costs which I expect will fall solely on me to pay. 

What to do? I can’t afford an expensive solicitor