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Not sure where to start.

I separated from my partner November 2016. Lawyers were engaged and 12 months later we were legally separated and went our separate ways.

My partner had and still owns the same business to date. The business was operated under a family trust, in her name and my name. I was not affiliated in the business,I did not receive anything through the trust.The business still operates but did not change to a new ABN and trust till 9th Febuary 2018 which I was not made aware of.

I recently required assistance from Centrelink and have been informed by them that I am required to fill out a MODPT form for a business I own. 

I have since found out, the ABN and the old trust is still current and my ex and her new partner had 4 business names registered since the separation 2016 and all 4 have been recently cancelled.

Do I have anything to worry about and am I liable in any way for the old family trust?


Many thanks in advance