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Looking for advice from anyone that has disputed and more importantly won a case against a bank for falsification of loan applications.
We sold our home to pay down two investment properties that we can't afford ($114,000.00 paid toward each loan) and the bank wont change our repayments. We requested a review of our interest rates, and.. NO!
The hardship team advised they could only offer a short-term 3 month solution (no payment, but still in arrears after such time).
We had no other option than to send a dispute to the Ombudsman, after which time we FINALLY received all of our loan application documents that the BANK and mortgage broker refused to send us, when we requested.
Our loan documents have been falsified beyond belief - savings in "other financial institution" of 10's of thousands did not exist. Incomes have been overestimated, expenses grossly underestimated, rental income included that did not exist (to the tune of over $6000.00 per month).
Had our applications not been manipulated by our broker, we would not have been allowed to borrow excessive funds.
The bank has not been able to provide any verification.... because they have no evidence. We are in possession of all emails to and from the bank, and they conveniently have no history.
Any advice or recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated!