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Hi Im hoping you can help me a bit,

I had laser eye surgery in 2015. One eye was lasered off centre leaving me with very bad vision and very sore. The Dr involved committed suicide about a month later ( from what i understand he was getting divorced).
Another Dr (his best friend) from another laser center stepped in to perform my post op assessments, at which time he told me i would certainly have a claim, referred me to his practice, where i was re diagnosed with off center lasering and booked me in for surgery to correct it. Cost to me was about $4500. I sent a letter of demand in 2016 but it as ignored.The original Drs business closed at the end of July 2017. I was sent out my records at that time.

Does anyone know if i would be able to claim anything back from either business, as i was told the second business took over the deceased Drs business (as they were best friends good friends)?

Thank you