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My husband & I started living together in 2003, married in 2012, moved to NZ in 2006, moved to the Philippines in 2012. I worked for 8 years during the union but only make around 50k. I wasn't able to get Super whilst in NZ and have NOT been able to work whilst in the Philippines. His wage is currently over 300k. He purchased a house in 1999. He has now decided he wants to split up. I have to move back to Australia with just the clothes I own. What rights do I have to his Aussie bank accounts, his 1 Philippine pay account, our 1 joint account & 1 joint retirement account, his house, his Super and any shares, stocks or share options. He has always said it's "our" money but now he wants out he's saying it's his and there is no 50/50 split on the things he had before we met in 2003 (he thinks I should not get any of the house). I will have to try to get back into the workforce after a 4 year break, hopefully not hard but I just don't know. I will have to live somewhere and get a car etc. He thinks we can do this amicably but I don't want to end up with only about $50k to my name whilst he's living the high life and thrown me out. I don't want revenge either but what's fair to a woman that has followed him to 2 countries for his career (thankfully no kids involved). The reason non of the Aussie stuff is in joint names is that we just never got around to it, with all the moving of countries.zephyr712016-03-03 20:54:48