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20 years ago my wife and I appointed each other EPOA.My wife, besides being computer illiterate was diagnosed a year ago with early stage dementia,so with her consent I invoked EDPA, and have been looking after all her financial affairs.

It is slowly becoming evident, that she will be/or is  in no position to act as my EPOA should the need arise, and with her consent I intend  revoking her power, and appointing our  son  as my EPOA.Do you think this is the correct decision?

Secondly,I am very concerned that if I should die or be incapacitated in any way,my wife will be left in a hopeless situation as far as handling her financial affairs-even things like paying bills on line etc.

I have spoken to our son and he has agreed to acting as EPOA subject to me being incapacitated,and my wife agrees, but unfortunately refuses to meet with our solicitor,and I have had to cancel two appointments so far.I do not think this situation will change, so my question is "is there any way I can appoint our son on behalf of my wife as I am her EPOA"? It is after all purely for her benefit if something happens to me,and until that time (which may never occur) I stll have full control of her financial affairs.