by David  22/10/2018  132 Page Views
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My wife and I are in our early eighties, and while I am computer literate, my wife isn`t, and she struggles with technology as well as financial matters. Some time ago she appointed me with Enduring Power of Attorney, and since then I have taken care of all her personal financial affairs.
Our Son is Executor of our Wills.
We always assumed that she would die first, as I have always been a healthy sort of individual, and active for my age, but I recently received bad news regarding my health, and the outlook isn’t promising, so if I was to die before her, we need to know that our Son can step into my shoes and instead of me, act as her Enduring Power of Attorney.

So my question is” does my wife right now need to appoint our Son as EPA to take effect on my death, or , as Executor, when I die can our Son automatically carry out the duties that I now do as EPA.