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In Adelaide my mother 82 diagnosed by psycho geriatrician with frontal lobe dementia incapable of looking after herself and her affairs ..she went into high level nursing home care. Went to  Guardianship Board for Administration Order but Lawyer and Accountant wanted to be her JEPOA’s. Board adjourned meeting to allow JEPOA to be executed. The Board dismissed the Administration Order because a JEPOA had been executed... the Lawyer and Accountant were then responsible for her Estate.

Thirteen  years later my mother died aged 95. There are no records no joint records .. little left in her Estate... her fault she hadn’t done her records... with dementia! The Legal Practitioners Conduct Commissioner ignored psychogeriatrician’s Diagnosis and claims she was capable to instruct... in palliative care! He ignored the Guardianship Board does not make Administration Order meetings for capable people... then blocks me from any legal help in Adelaide.

The Attorney General acknowledges the JEPOA’s are responsible for my mother’s Estate. She cannot give legal advice. LPCC ignores the Attorney General.

My mother owned and rented many freehold properties ... three were sold ten years before her death.. meant for her Will. Superannuation and ACAT paid expenses.

Accountant died .. lawyer became co-executor without any records... cannot finalise Estate without records. i am an aged pensioner waiting for my inheritance.

LPCC has prevented me from getting a lawyer to get subpoena to go to the Supreme Court for records.... what can I do?

Where can I get help? This lawyer Greg McLeod is a senior partner Lempriere Abbott McLeod ..respected Law firm ... son of Doug McLeod former respected lawyer.. brother of David McLeod Magistrate.... this should not prevent my mother having her finances looked after safely.