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I purchased a Harley Davidson from a financial broker that worked for bmw finance in 2014. The broker told me it was his bike I purchased from him and managed to get me an unsecured loan for the purchase which I just finished finalising a few weeks ago

im in the proces of selling the bike the buyers financier got approval of vehicle and while the process of eft to my bank account we had to cancel it because the vehicle had encumberance money owing on it.

So I tried getting ahold of the broker who sold me his bike to find out his ABN has been cancelled and rumour circling around that he served jail time..

at the moment I'm in the process of looking for a lawyer that can help me with this issue I wanted to know wat sort of lawyer best suited for cases like this I was assuming a civil lawyer ?

and also if I do manage to find a buyer are there any legal grounds where I'm liable and could get sued or the broker I bought the bike off or who Evers name the vehicle was financed under if I sell the vehicle??