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Hi all

I was refered to an employee by a case worker for APM and told I would recieve subsidies for employing this individual. I give him an interview everything goes well and I decide to hire the employee. I then emailed the case worker to request any forms needed. She emails back explaining that she will generate forms when he is hired and that I need to give my abn, the award he goes under and his pay rate. I email right back this information. I then inform the employee hee has the position and he starts working for me. I never recieve any forms to explain my rights or where me and the employee stand. About 6 weeks in I get a email requesting pay slips so I can be paid for the program to date. I provide the payslips staight after the email and I don't hear any more. Now about 9 weeks into the plan I was told by the employee that there is no subsidy.

Now I have lost close to $3000.00 in wages for the employee because APM mislead me. I own a small business and could only employ the individual thinking the government was subsidising it. I have done some online research and it seems to be the provider APM responsibility to setup the whole program. The employer is just to do as the provider requests and pay the employee. I don't know what to do can you please help? Thankyou.