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I am currently considering apply for a teacher's position in NSW. I received a Section 10a for an offence over 6 years ago. The declaration for the national criminal record check for the position is as follows:

I declare that:

1. I have no criminal convictions, including spent convictions, within the meaning of the Criminal Records Act 1991 and I am not subject to any unresolved charges relating to a criminal matter in Australia or overseas.

2. In making this declaration, I understand that "conviction" is defined in the Criminal Records Act 1991 and includes a conviction, whether summary or indictment, for an offence and includes a finding or order that has been proved, or that a person is guilty of an offence, without proceeding to a conviction.

My questions are:

*Am I able to declare the above?
*Will the Section 10 show in the criminal record check?
*Is there anything I can do to ensure this does not haunt me when applying for teaching positions in the future?

Any advice and help is much appreciated.