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Looking for advise on a situation.

Employee signed a contact stipulating they were a salaried employee.
Employer sends a letter stating after discussion, they are making employee hourly. This rate is lower then the original base rate.
Employee informs employer in writing they had never received any information about upcoming changes nor would they consent to any changes to their employment contact.
Employer justifies this move due to the fact they are now paying penalty rates for weekend work, leave loading etc. (however this wouldn't make up for personal days on weekends, anual/long service entitlements etc).
Employee insists the point and states they are working under protest in writing.
Employer starts paying employee under this new, not agreed on rates.

Having talked to Jobwatch they have stated the employee can go to court for lost wages, however this isn't a one off situation, as this is all full time employees. The employer has just made these changes and won't address the fact they have rescinded employment agreements.

What course of action should the employee take?