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Thanks your help.

Terminated a month before probation, a day after a work complaint about roles with a visiting state manager. General protections claim have been submitted and the F8A response received. A detailed timeline from the employer attempts to paint a picture of underperformance without any formal warnings or documented escalation indicating unsuitability. It is difficult to argue against hearsay though. 

Another work complaint seems to be admitted to by the employer in the F8A however. That further training involved afterhours unpaid course work was part of the consideration in the decisionmaking of the termination. The refusal to do this own time training was emphasised by the employer. Being forced to do a course afterhours in one's own time would form another solid work complaint I would have thought, so I was keen to get more advice about this specific aspect. Trying to get more support for the court application which is fair more difficult than the FWC (Fair Work) claim.