by nattym  31/10/2017  1520 Page Views
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I am an independent contractor working 25 hrs a week for a company and paid hourly for the work I do. This business gave me an email address at their domain. Lately I had a few questions about the work I was doing (where I have to communicate with outside clients). Then I was replied to, quoting what I had exchanged with people by email. I asked them if someone was going through my emails and they said "yes, we go through to spot check". I don't really have an issue with spot checking but I can see (through an email monitoring program) that my emails are being opened regularly and often.

I tried to find info about this but have seen conflicting advice. I find it to be a real breach of privacy but I don't know if legally there is anything wrong with it.

I 'm in NSW if that makes a difference.

Any advice appreciated :)