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I recently bought an item on ebay. When I received it, there was a deep scratch on the surface and it was covered in sticky dirt. As it was a gift, I didn't have time to send the item back and ask for another. I just cleaned the item and gave it to the person who I intended to give it to, hoping that they didn't notice the scratched surface.

However, I thought that it'd be fair if I left a negative feedback for the seller, so I did, and wrote for the reasoning that it was because the item was dirty and damaged.

The next day, I received an email from this person, and they claimed that it is illegal to write a negative feedback without consulting the seller first. I don't know if this is true. The person then said that they've reported me to ebay, and I should change the feedback if I didn't want further action. This to me felt a bit like a threat, so I changed their feedback to neutral, but wrote that I changed the feedback because I felt threatened. I didn't want to let a bad seller get away with selling dirty items with no consequences.

Now the person is threatening to sue me for defamation and he told me that I was going to receive a personal claim. However, they live in England whereas I live in Australia, so I was wondering if this is likely to happen?

Thank you in advance for helping me.