by Nichole  27/08/2020  0 Page Views
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We have recently moved into a new home (as owners) in a new estate. Until now, we have not had any fencing. 

Two days ago, the Site Supervisor (SS) from the property next door knocked on my door, gave me his contact details and said he was getting lanscapers in to quote on a fence between the properties. I advised we would like to see the quote and he said that he would provide it to us. He has not provided it as yet.

Yesterday, the landscapers came to our house and proceeded to complete earthworks on our property, which we had not authorised, and started installing a fence. Last night, my partner called the SS and basically said that there had been work completed on our property without permisssion and we haven't even seen a quote yet. The SS advised the landscapers were not supposed to have started and that he would send us the quote. 

Today, the landscapers are back again working on a fence we have not agreed to as we have not seen any quotes for it yet. 

I have been home while they have been working but have had no contact with them other than to agree to their accessing next door's yard via our backyard as I was unwell yesterday and working from home today.

My question is, what are we liable for given the circumstances? I would have no problem contributing to the fence but I feel we should have been afforded the opportunity to view a quote and either agree to proceed or obtain our own quote.