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11 Comments  Family & de facto law, financial agreements, consent orders
Hi, all.

My partner filed for a DVO against his ex-wife in January. They have consent orders for parenting, but every time there's an in-person changeover (changeovers usually happen at school, but occasionally there's an in-person one), she has screamed and sworn at my partner or myself, then tried to force entry into our house.

We filed for a DVO two years ago but discontinued because it was hindering progress on the parenting matter and we stupidly thought the parenting orders would resolve issues, but it hasn't, which is why we are now seeking one again. It follows a long history of violence - damaging property, assault, stalking, threats of suicide, threats to our dogs, etc.

The lawyer is now also threatening that if we have this heard at trial, they will pursue a costs order because of the previous application being discontinued.

We are deciding whether to get a lawyer or not. Any thoughts?