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Hi all,

I must admit this request for info is posted late my time (Crows) in SA is 7.10pm, but I am clutching at straws for an answer by 10am tomorrow 20th Feb 2016!

I am in a small group of Strata units (4) our Presiding Officer resides in Vic, he called a General Meeting for tomorrow, 11.00am 20th Feb 2016.

Neither he or our Secretary, who resides in the Mid North of SA, are able to attend but he and our Secretary have given his "Father in law" both proxies and stated to me and the other Resident that his Father in law will chair the meeting, as well he will write up the minutes!

I may add that the father in law has no financial interest in the Presiding Officer or Secretary's units.

The subject that the meeting was called for is for the dismissal of our Strata Managers and the appointment of a new managing Strata Company.

It appears to me, that by giving an outsider (who has two proxies) the powers to chair a meeting as well as take the minutes is wrong.

I maybe clutching at straws, but there may be an answer for or against the Presiding
Officers decision!

up front .....