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Was wondering if I could get any advice or information regarding my situation.

Last night I was caught DUI in Perth, WA, exceeding 0.05 (I believe the reading was 0.07).

It is my second offence - the first offence occurred in 2006 (10 years ago) where I blew just over 0.05 and was given an infringement of the minimum (I believe it was around $100 or $200 on the spot fine).

Due to the fact that it is my second offence, the officer last night said I would receive a court summons.

My questions are as follows -

- I am moving to Victoria in one month. How long (estimated) does it take to receive the summons in WA? Will I have to fly back from Victoria to appear in court in WA? Is it possible to contact the police or Magistrate to receive the date sooner instead of waiting for the letter? I have heard some stories of receiving summons as early as a week later, or some horror stories of waiting 6-12 months.

- I have also read that sometimes the police deliver the summons in person at your home - is that true?

- What would you predict my sentence would be? From what I seem to be reading, the minimum is a $600 fine and 8 months suspension for second offence. Both incidents were <0.08 BAC. Is it true that Magistrates in WA have little say on DUI's and that it is very common for the minimum sentence to be given by default, regardless of your story?

- Any other tips or information would be appreciated.

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