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Hi all

Seeking some advice on behalf of bf.

The Facts:

* 4 years back he was caught for DUI and license suspended for 3 years + community service. This occurred in NSW.

* The period of suspension finished. He has been on a probationary license for 11 months and was due to return to an open license next month.

* the probationary license required him to study under 0.02 BAC. In December he went to a work Xmas party. The next day he drove, thinking he'd be fine, and , was pulled over and blew 0.04, over the limit for the probationary terms of license.

* He has recieved notice to appear in court

1. Is it advisable that he be represented in court by a lawyer?
2. Any recommendations for reasonably priced good lawyers?
3. I know all cases are different but what's the likely outcome?
4. Any similar stories of ppl who've been through this?

Thank you in advance for any advice.