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Hello all,

Someone close to me has found themselves in serious trouble.

She was caught at the Splendour in the Grass Festival by Police with sniffer dogs in possession of two joints and three extacy pills and is now going to Court. I've been trying to find information online regarding what kind of penalties she is likely to face. I did find some good sites that outline the type and weight of the drugs and the maximum penalties for possessing/supplying/trafficking, but how likely is it that she will be served the maximum penalty? Does anyone here know of anybody who has been to court for a similar offence, and what the outcome was?

I'd like to know more about what it means to have a criminal record. Is it a case by case, or do they last for a certain number of years depending on the severity of the offence? Can this be reduced by good behaviour? I want to know what the likelihood of this person being able to leave Australia for an overseas holiday is? And if she will be able to obtain a working visa, for example, in the UK? Will she have to wait a while or will she never be able to do these things now?

She is 20 years old, this is her first offence, although she did have her drivers license suspended for three months earlier this year for losing her 3 points (one for speeding and the other two for driving a manual car on an automatic license unaccompanied by a licensed manual driver), I'm not sure if her driving offences will have anything to do with the outcome?

Will she have the option to plead guilty no conviction? Or is she going to get a criminal record no matter how she pleads? She is going to plead guilty. Would it be worth her while to get a lawyer for her court appearance and what kind of fee might she be looking at for that, I realise the cost would vary greatly but what would be the minimum fee for basic legal representation/aid? How much is her fine likely to be?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,