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Hi guys,

Bit of a strange story but I need some advice, and I know it all sounds crazy.

I took a job a few months ago, signed the employment contract. They flew me out to the middle of nowhere. and then a day or so later gave me a massive contract (about as tall as a adult's Fibula) and was told "You need to sign this right now, or you're fired." my response was "I want to read that before I sign it." but again I was told "No, you're not allow to read it. you need to sign it now or else you're fired".

Over the next few weeks I was drugged. I'm 100% sure that the contract was related to them drugging me.

I know it's a crazy story. But I am pretty distressed by the whole ordeal, I have some evidence, but not much. If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it.