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Recently got pulled over by booze bus and failed the first roadside swab test and after i was searched i was taken onto the bus for the second swab test, i was asked a series of questions of which i answered truthfully then i was asked to rub foam/cotton swab in my mouth then keep it in there until enough saliva had run down the tube into some plastic thing at the end of which i was complying to do but 5mins into it the tube and plastic thing came away from the foam in my mouth and droppedonto the floor the the cop got aggitated and called it deliberate and subsequently i got charged with rufusal to take the test . Still with the foam in my mouth i said I was happy to do the test again but wasnt allowed. I asked if i or a lawyer could obtain the camera footage for evidence in court but was told the camera didnt work and was only for show. Can anyone help me with some good advice as im not too sure what to do next.wbff2016-03-19 15:39:29