by Emma  24/05/2005  1833 Page Views
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I was recently pulled over by a random breath testing station and was told I was just over the legal limit and then taken to a police station to have a more accurate reading done, which showed up .065 and now I have been given a court date and told I will be prob get a fine (amount unknown) and have my lisence suspended.

I had only had 2 glasses of wine that day, and they were a couple of hours apart so I had not thought I would be over. I should be able to get a letter from the place I was at to say I had only had 2 drinks, but will this help me?

Is there a way for me to prove my innocence? I have never been in this situation before so am not sure if the officers were totally in the right with what they did. On the road side when I was told I was over I asked how much and all I was told was "just over". I do not know if I should have pushed for more info then and there or where I stand now.

I do not drink often or much and had not thought I was over the limit on this day. I cannot afford to have my lisence suspended as I need it to get kids to school.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.