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Greetings to the board.
I've tried the "Google research", but can't find anything specific to my query, so I'll venture a question here. I'm in Melbourne, and my elderly mother is in Perth. She is not in good health, and I understand she wishes to leave a "fair" will,and divide her assets equally amongst her children. Thing is, I have never been close to her, or had much to do with my family. Other family members have spent many years looking after my aging parents, so I would much prefer they received a larger share. To my mind, the "fair" will is not often that fair :)

So is there a way for me to renounce an interest in her will? My family is given to histrionics, so simply asking to be excluded would, I suspect, set up the sort of internecine disputes that I'm so keen to avoid.Jeffro Jones2017-12-16 22:02:07