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My son was taking our Spoodle for a walk and a large dog attacked our dog. Not only did our dog suffer from two fractured bones in one leg but had his ear bitten, drawing blood. We immediately took our dog to the local vet, but was referred to a specialist at the pet hospital.

I know where the owner of the dog lives and have already reported the incident to the Council ranger, who will investigate. According to my son, the attacking dog was in the front yard without a leash and a carer of the dog was present.

So far our costs have been $2500 and that's before surgery, which is estimated to be around $10,000. Luckily our dog has top cover pet insurance. I approached the owner of the dog and spoke with him regarding the incident. He was forever apologetic but that won't pay the bills. He didn't even offer to pay anything. I'm wondering, and am concerned, what my chances are of recovering costs?

Apart from the family being emotional about the whole thing, we're at a lost which direction to take. Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you