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Im just wondering what if the cost for probate is the same as letters of Admin?

My mum recently passed away and im helping my dad sort some things out. Mum and dad have always used the same local solicitor. When mum passed away suddenly we went to see them and they said there was no Will. They also said that their property was listed as 'tenants in common' with 50/50 ownership. The solicitor at the time said she wondered who would have done that because they were married. And i didnt say anything at the time but i now know this would have been someone at their firm. They sent us a quote for about $6500 to apply for letters of Administration (value of the property around $600,000).

We paid a deposit and then were asked if we had searched anywhere else for a Will and I said I searched the NSW Trustee site with no luck.

Two months later they informed me they have found a Will (in their office) appointing my Dad as the executor, but nothing changes and the quote remains the same. They just wanted Dad to sign some new paper work. 

I was under the impression that (a) if there is a Will we dont need probate OR letters of Admin, and (b) that Probate was cheaper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im trying to help my Dad out but I really have no idea either. I feel like this is so expensive but its almost impossible to find any comparable quotes online.