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 Hi ALL 
Need some help where to turn next or what to do .
I am not sure if i was in a defect relationship at the end but we were earlier on in the relationship - 
Myself and Partner - English and Korean (now both Australian Citizens and she came in on my defacto visa - but we broke up for 2 years after this happened twice an got back together later) 
met overseas while working in the Maldives - we then traveled and came to the Uk where we decided to move to Australia - 
after a while living and working and study - i became a temporary resident , permanent and then a Citizen - my then partner who was overseas for the 1st year came and joined me and also became a citizen Later.
Long of it is we had been Off and on for years met in 2002 move to Australia 2007-8 
after we were defacto - we split up i moved from Brisbane to the sunshine coast and we were not together for 1-2 year . then she came to the sunshine coast but after a while was not working so she returned to KOREA for almost 2 more years - in this time I saw other people and we had almost no contact - but she asked to return and i was single again i took her back .
we started living in my Family Unit on the sunshine coast together so Had no real Bills except for food then when they decided to sell the unit - i decided to use my Inheritance to BUY a house in the sunshine coast , i rented a place for a couple months why finding and before moving in where we stayed together , then i bought a House OUTRIGHT all in MY NAME and we both moved in - i did 95% renovations and she helped a tiny bit at first - but soon she also not happy and we were sleeping in separate rooms again .
we had many arguments and she became abusive and violent several times over several years (throwing stuff , scratching and screaming like a crazy person where i just sat and took it or left and went out - i asked her to move out but she never did - so basically living as more room mates in same house different rooms - (we hadn’t slept together in years anyway or any sort of Intimacy) several times i threatened to call police But being a 6’3” man and a small asian woman i didn’t .. anyway she refused to move out so i decided i needed a break and returned to the UK , after a month or so here end of 2007 i messaged her that I am not coming Back for now and we should break up .. 
I said she can stay in the house for a bit until she sorted herself out - and had no more contact with her for a while .
then beginning -mid 2018 i said if she wants to stay then she can help out with Bills and PAY some rent - we agreed together a amount $1000 a month inc , bills and internet and use of My car (my parents car which they left for me to use when they sold there unit)  
NB - my parents are English and only came to Australia over xmas for few months most years - on tourist visa (they owned a Unit and a car there) 
So since 2018 she has been paying Monthly this $1000 a month , but bills are increasing and other costs , car insurance (she crashed it twice so premiums increase) - etc so I have said to her better she starts paying her own bills more and this last time the internet etc . rent goes up after all - 
I also Have my stuff in house - everything belongs to me , fridge , washing machine , sofas , kitchen pots and pans - everything i bought she didn’t contribute at all to the House 
and as I have all my stuff inc clothes and belonging in My house in Australia I thought this lower rent was fine ..
here is the problem - 
Now she is emailing saying I promised to give her the Car - which i didn’t , she suggested it but wasn’t really mine to give AND she is making statement she should have a SHARE of the House - which i dont believe she should as was bought with Inheritance money received when we were NOT together , nothing was bought with Money we earned while together , and we were not really a couple when i purchased the house - just more like mates together (no sex or intimacy etc) 
we have no other Ties together - NO children , NO joint Accounts , NO investments Together Nothing ..
So what is the best course of action ?
what rights does she Have ?
I am in the UK now and have been since September 2017 (have not seen her since then) and no intention to return to Australia (maybe if she moves out i will go sort out house and rent or sell it ?) 
what should i do as she is making threats of house shares and she even mentions house was BOUGHT BY US - it was only Bought by me , i paid all , I signed all - she came to a few viewings with me and sat in the real estates a few times But did nothing to contribute or pay or sign anything .. 
So i dont know if we were considered Defacto at the time ?
it has been more then 2 years we have been apart and can she still claim anything as she is saying that she has a share in the house. or stateing in a email she deserves a share and do i want to go down this route .
thanks Mark