by michael tang  13/01/2015  90 Page Views
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I have a quick question in regard of my future visa application. I called the immigration call centre this afternoon(I was quite upset as it takes me least an hour to get someone to pick up my call). I askes the guy to adivce me some sugguestions and guidelines about how case officer issue 5 yrs, 1yr or 3mts RRV visa. However what he did was record my personal info first (my passport NO, DOB, home address, the first date of arrival), and I was told to look upon the website for more info. I was quite upset and have a fair bit of arguement against the operator(but not a single offensive language) and i am desperate for these info as I am heading off to overseas next week. But what I was told is really unhelpful and useless info. So what I am worrying about if all of my future visa application will be affected(or the case officer will give me a hard time) from now on because of this call.

I much appreciate for your reply.