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Quick backstory:
Ex husband and i have been separated about 4 years. We had 50/50 custody and court orders in place, until the kids (8/12) started coming home telling me stories that their father has been psychological abusing them and putting them in innapropriate situations with his new gf around.

The kids have reported the behaviour to the police and child safety / family and child connect and the kids are now seeing a counsellor who has documented all behaviour. Due to this i stopped the father seeing the kids as it is harmful to be in that position.

I have just received a court order to attend for a breach of court orders. My solicitor has advised that my excuse is a reasonable excuse and that i will be fine, but i just want to know if anyone has had an experience with this and what their outcome was? I would prefer if the court changed our orders, but i do not know if this will happen?