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I am defending myself in the Family Court Magellan List.

My key argument comes down to the terms of a Safety Plan. I believe there has been a breach to the Safety Plan however the actual thing that the opposing party did is not mentioned specifically in the Safety Plan when you read it at face value. However it is specifically mentioned as something that cannot be done in the Project Magellan Report provided by DOCS in response to a Section 91B order. The report also says the opposing party agreed specifically not to do the offending thing that they've done.

My question is - do I need to call the DOCS caseworker as a witness in order for the courts to accept what is in the DOCS report is true?

Or can I simply say, it's in the report from DOCS which was ordered by the court and filed in the court, is that good enough?

If I need to provide more info please let me know.....