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Recently I had to make an at fault vehicle claim in NSW and was informed by my insurance comapny that I was a declined driver on their policy schedule.

This was due to a previous DUI offence. Initiually when I obtained Comprehensive insurance through this company via phone, I consented to the conversation being recorded. I disclosed this prior offence and was not informed during this conversation that I would be declined as a driver. On the same day I was apparently sent the documents declining me as a driver which I assume I overlooked since they were not sent directly from the actual insurance company. They were sent via an associate company 1300insurance. Nor was the email clearly marked as insurance documents from the actual company in question.

I want to know if I can listen to the recorded conversation or insist that they do? Here I was under the clear impression that i was covered as a driver and was not informed otherwise. I feel this is my only hope to be included as a driver for the sake of this claim.

Also any general advice on persuing this would be appreciated?