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My ex has taken out a FVRO against me which I'm objecting to. I've ceased all contact except emails about the kids. She's not liking this as she wants contact. She keeps on trying to talk to me, I've told her I'm not allowed. My daughter's birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I'm not allowed in my ex's house, so I have suggested we have 2 separate parties. She is now stating that consent orders usurp a FVRO. In the consent orders, it states myself and my ex will spend time together with the children on their birthdays. This seems ludicrous. A person is forced to spend time with someone she needs protection from and is supposedly fearful of? If I can prove that a VRO will usurp consent orders, specifically for occasions like birthdays, she will drop the VRO. She is looking for a way out of this mess whilst saving face.