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Bit of a long story but 8 years ago I purchased a Property with my Parents when I was single but in a relationship.

I then sold that home and bought a better home - again with my Parents but by this time I was married. My Husband had no part of the process.

Two years ago I refinanced my Home, took my Parents off the loan and put my Husband on it. Now we have been separated since January, he left the home. I am still here with our two kids (aged 2 and 4) and have been paying the mortgage, rates etc since January with no help from him (In fact he never helped anyway repayments were always from my personal account)

I have 100% care of our children, he is currently homeless and has a gambling addiction causing him to rack up tens of thousands in debt.

I want him OFF my house, he is sending abusive text messages saying he is going to take the house from me and wants his fair share.

I understand I may not have a "leg to stand on" so to speak but am wondering what I should do? I am so annoyed that he is trying to take this away from me knowing that I paid for it and did all the work to get the house while he was gambling I saved the deposit etc and my parents helped me.

Can anyone offer any advice? I have a full time job, zero debt (no credit card debts etc) kids are well taken care of, I've recently done home renovations with my own money etc.