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Hi all,

I am new to this group and sorry if I am posting this in wrong place.

Actually last year me and my friend bought a property with share of 50% each. We both planned to apply for 2 townhouse permits and build a house for each in a single block of land.

But, after taking this property my friends nature is changed and wants to build 4 townhouses in it and sell the remaining of, which is not really my interest as I wanted a nice house for myself before doing any business. Moreover he is not having any money to build ....

So the suggestions what I want is -

How can I escape by selling my part of land?. do we need to apply council permit to sell my part?.

He is not allowing me to apply for split and nor doing anything with the property, simply paying bank the mortgate. Whom should I contact for getting better suggestions?.

I want to sell my part of the land also to him but he is not willing to take it, and he is also not willing to sell his part of land to me? What can I do? can I escape from this :(

The situation with me at the moment is very sad and please suggest me on this.

thanks alot,