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It's been a while since I have been on here,
Here's the story I'll try to keep it short as possible

I work in QLD for a privately owned company over 15 employees as a supervisor, in the weeks before Christmas I was with a medical condition(heart related) for 7 days all covered by sick leave and doctors certificates, condition was bought on by working long hours and constant pressure from upper management for more results with fewer staff.

Have a break over Christmas for shutdown and I decided to step down from the role due to the pressures and 1 manager seeming to be adding more pressure than normal.

I'm now working in the factory in which I supervised and now hear they are going to probably finish me up this coming week and they have advertised for a new person to join our team.
I have a clean work history with the company with glowing performance reviews and am recognised as a herd worker, it's just one manager seems he's not satisfied with me just standing down he seems to want me gone.

My question is what leg do I have to stand on if the worst happens and he gets rid of me this week.
I have had no warnings or performance management meetings regarding my performance it just seems to be the managers mission now to remove somebody who may be a threat to him.
I hope this is enough information, all help greatly appreciated.